Alvin S Rogness, 1897 – 1970, Age 73

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Memories of Uncle Alvin Rogness by Dean Rogness.

  • I remember Uncle Alvin and his many visits to our home. It was a special occasion for us kids when he came to stay with us. He loved to eat Mon’s cooking especially “Raspa Komla”. As kids we would tease him but he was such a good Sport. One time he was sitting in the rocker and we put spools under it about the time he was taking a bite of Raspa Komla and he laughed so hard that it was jiggling and fell ff his fork.
  • There were times if we became to much he would take us to task.. We have many fond memories of Alvin and all my Uncles and Aunts.
  • Alvin is buried in Lime Creek Cemetery North about 2 miles west of Emmons, MN. He is buried there along with several of his family relatives.

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